Monday, April 5, 2010

An Introduction...

I am very excited to give you a first look at my new website. Inspired by my parents, I am a huge believer that you are capable of achieving anything. While I cannot draw or paint like my mom (the true artist), I see beauty in precious smiles behind innocent faces, between tiny toes of newborns, within the treasured love of a couple, and on the glowing, blooming bellies of soon-to-be mammas. With a click of a button, I can capture this art to be remembered forever.

I am thankful for my Philip, for allowing me to carry along my camera on one hip for as many hours as I have had Jacob on the other, for standing behind me dancing and singing and doing whatever possible to get that perfect giggle, and for believing in my ability.

And to Jacob, my perfect little subject, there is nothing more beautiful than you.

Enjoy your moments and thank you all for taking a peak at mine.

Stephanie Cotta Photography


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