Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet This Pretty.

Oh, do I have an amazing (and affordable) online boutique for you.

Welcome to our newest sponsor, This Pretty. This Pretty has the most sophisticated gifts for babies, toddlers and adults, including today's trendiest styles for onesies and shirts!

Introducing the tie shirt. Quite possibly the most adorable (and perfect) shirt for the big day of love.

This Pretty was founded by Mandy, a school nurse and a mother of two, in September of 2010. Mandy states, "I have always loved making things and being creative...This Pretty comes from something I used to say to my husband 'I want this pretty and this pretty and this pretty...' My first tie shirt was for my son, who is 3 1/2. He wanted to wear a tie like his daddy wears every day. But he is more of a rough and tumble 3 year old, and not one to wear fancy clothes for more than a minute. I cut up his crib sheet and made him his first tie shirt."

Crafting her ties to look as real as possible, Mandy designs all of her onesies and shirts to be completely kid friendly...no silk ties or real pearls for the little ones!

And for the little ladies? You must check out her Sweet Pink Necklace Onesie and the Embellished Baby Onesise in Pink Chartreuse. I get asked all the time what to dress the little ones in for the photo shoots.... This Pretty provides an excellent option for the little ones... from your new little peanuts to your toddlers.

Be sure to become a fan of This Pretty on Facebook!! And to purchase This Pretty onesies and shirts for your little (or bigger) ones, go here.

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